Don’t read into this

Lonely at night, when I’m alone and out

I’ll wear my dark lipstick

and my fears wear out

I wish for hope,

so bright to come by

the darkness awaits

I fear it’ll go by,

So dark, so bright,

much fear, all doubt.

You’ll come, he won’t

I’ll live, he falls out.

Promise, tears

they break, all lies

Just my conscience

makeup, makes by

Make no fear, doubt shrouds all

you’ll win, I’ll fail

I’ll watch you out

This doesn’t rhyme, so stop.


Baby let it go

We’ve all had some unpleasant experiences in our lives, some worse than others. Here I’m talking about the latter, the more painful experiences (mostly involving loved ones).

When you look back at a bad experience, how easy is it to deal with all the emotions that surface?

We’re always told, ‘let it go’, ‘forget it’, ‘don’t think about it’  but does that really work?

Can we really ever forget something, that at some point may have caused devastating pain and anguish?

I’ve always found it very difficult to not think about a painful experience from the past, not that I actively dwell on it..but when thoughts of a sad memory surface, I find it difficult to just ‘let it go’.

I have come to terms with (rationalized) a lot of pain that may have been caused in the past but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten it altogether or that those memories don’t still put me down.

Can we ever really forget someone? can we ever really forgive someone? Can we ever really let go of  hurt and anger?



Shout, from my first and only Black Arts Movement class

I had the good fortune of being able to attend a diverse Black Arts Movement Class in college. Where in the beginning I felt out of place and out of sync, as we read about the struggles and triumphs of the black people in America, it became clear to me that their struggle was similar in some ways  to the Indian people’s struggle against the British Raj. After creating presentation on Huey Newton and the Black Panthers, I was moved to pen this poem on the feelings of a black man talking about his struggle and thoughts against his white slave master.

I named it ‘Shout’  here goes..

My color is unique, found in the Australian swan.

Yet with a million of my brothers,

In this land I stand denounced.

I was taken from a village,

While I sang my country song,

Teaching my young offspring,

Just how to get along.

Now I stand here naked,

Stripped of everything I had,

In white man’s clothing,

All my cries go unheard.

The rings around my ankles, I broke long ago,

But the shackles that bind my heart,

Strangle me every day.

Who am I? Where do I belong?

They let me eat their grains,

But don’t let me be the farmer.

When I talk about my land, my culture

My brethren, my blood

They turn a deaf ear, pretend it was never heard.

I want my children and theirs there forth,

To know the value of their skin and hair,

It’s not a special aisle in the store,

Nor a broken fence in the neighborhood,

It’s not only special one month in a year,

Nor is it a box in a plea to be accepted.

The color of my skin, the power of my being

The remnants of my glorious culture,

Surge through my veins, like venom through a snake.

It inspires me, incites me, pushes me

Throws me, it angers me.

My brothers have laid their lives and I seek revenge,

But I will not shed blood.

Because I do not seek blood,

I seek a revolution, I want a revolution.

A change of hearts, a change of minds,

A change in the winds that give me the jitters.

Give me a part on your stage, a verse in your song

A color on your easel or a page in your book,

And watch my revenge unfold.

Like the grains in a granary, united we should stand

Hold them at their words, their actions

Their promises, their demands.

Let the perpetrators know, that

Treachery might break our bones

But pride will nurse our spirits back to life.

And though the color of darkness, on our skins might shine

When we wring your hearts

Instead of blood, they’ll bleed dirt and grime.

So hold my hand as I chant this rhyme,

Awaken your heart, awaken your mind

Awaken what you thought was lost

Your innermost, awaken your deepest divine.