It has been quite a while since I wrote here.

No excuses, I was emotionally in a space where I don’t think that anything I had to say would have been easy for me to share publicly.

I am writing after a long hiatus today because I genuinely cannot help but feel content.

A few posts ago I spoke about my efforts to accept myself in totality. I have understood that perhaps one of the biggest steps towards self realization includes the ability to accept ourselves. All our desires, traits, hopes, matter how dark…no matter how untapped….they deserve recognition.

If I accept my behaviors, feelings and attitudes without feeling the need to alter them based on external associations, I don’t feel persecuted, judged or demoralized for not living up to a perceived sense of self. I feel comfortable in my own skin, because I now not only know what my own skin is but I also appreciate what it feels like.

I can’t help but wonder if  this is what true happiness comprises of? Accepting ourselves at our raw most self. I have a long way to go before I can accept everything and everyone that I truly am. For now I feel content knowing that perhaps this settling feeling is the first step not only towards self realization but (maybe) also happiness.

*I realize that I may be making grave grammatical errors in my writing, pardon me! If you notice any grammatical errors or have any suggestions, feel free to add a comment. Happy Reading.


I’m back

So I’m writing after a hiatus of two months, pardon the cob webs that may have formed in my writing abilities since.

I was on an extended vacation visiting my sister and friends in NYC.

It’ll be travesty to put the essence of my trip in words, for those who’ve met me, they know from my mere demeanor that the trip was nothing short of a blessing for me 🙂

I am happier and more relaxed than I have been in ages.

I wish I could have captured the barrage of emotions I experienced while on this trip.

I am happy to know that my sister is doing well and we can’t help but plan our Christmas so we can be together again.

I have so much that I want to say, so much that I want to talk about. All the things I wondered and all the questions that got answered, love, live, music, food, travel etc.

I’ll  keep the spaces above filled with stories, thoughts and chance encounters.

Cheers and thanks for looking out ❤




Different names of love

My friend once told me that there are seven different kinds of words in the Persian language , to express the feeling of love (I’m still working on verifying the accuracy of this statement!). She told me this as we proceeded to listen to Sufjan Steven’s album ‘Michigan’.

Lost in his almost haunting yet soothing music, I couldn’t help but wonder how much easier it would be to express a connection towards someone/something more precisely if we had numerous words for the different feelings of ‘love’.

The warmth, the connection, the feeling of security, the inexplicable pull towards a person or a thing can hardly all be summed up in one little two syllable word.

Try using the word in a different context or in a sticky situation and  you might be giving off a completely different idea about how you feel! (“I love dogs” – What I really mean is that I appreciate them in the virtual world- I like dog memes, dog on the iPhone, dog gifs but I will not be caught dead petting one because of my fear of everything fur and feather!). Think about the love between Hermione and Harry, they loved each other immensely, deeply but did this emotion have anything for Ron to worry about? perhaps never.

To express loving a friend, loving a parent and loving Taco Bell logically shouldn’t use the same affect word.

Sometimes we’re so bound by the dictionary and the social definition of love that we’re too afraid to use it, let alone show it. All of four letters yet expected to encapsulate a sea of emotions, this little word has us more wary than comforted.

I wonder if linguists and psychologists could come together to sort out the feelings of love and give each unique feeling a new name. Wouldn’t it be easier to emote ourselves without  the fear of judgment, rebuke or misunderstanding?! Maybe each human connection/relationship could be better sorted, expectations clearer and possibly the bond itself stronger?

In our quest to find love perhaps we first ought to define love. To define love as uniquely as the experience we want to have when we find it.