Someone had to say it!

This may not be as insightful of a post as I might have wanted, but I couldn’t help but write this down.

I was in conversation with a dear friend, a male friend and what he said almost cleared the cobwebs in my mind about, what is it that men really want?!

We were having a conversation about our common friend and he didn’t hesitate before saying, “Chika you know why someone will pick xyz over you?” although I was tipsy and could think of a million reasons why someone would pick this “xyz” over me, considering how we’re completely different.

I remained quiet and looked on inquisitively.

He then said what, I have been trying to obviously ignore for a while now, “you will question a guy’s demands, you will question Chika if I ask you to pick up a napkin I just dropped, whereas XYZ would just pick it up, no questions”.

This was undoubtedly the most simple minded, yet informational advice I have ever received about men.

As I write this, a million questions shroud my mind, yet this description seems to wholly answer most of doubts about men I have hopelessly tried to “figure out”.

More to come as my doubts clear themselves.


Don’t read into this

Lonely at night, when I’m alone and out

I’ll wear my dark lipstick

and my fears wear out

I wish for hope,

so bright to come by

the darkness awaits

I fear it’ll go by,

So dark, so bright,

much fear, all doubt.

You’ll come, he won’t

I’ll live, he falls out.

Promise, tears

they break, all lies

Just my conscience

makeup, makes by

Make no fear, doubt shrouds all

you’ll win, I’ll fail

I’ll watch you out

This doesn’t rhyme, so stop.