Someone had to say it!

This may not be as insightful of a post as I might have wanted, but I couldn’t help but write this down.

I was in conversation with a dear friend, a male friend and what he said almost cleared the cobwebs in my mind about, what is it that men really want?!

We were having a conversation about our common friend and he didn’t hesitate before saying, “Chika you know why someone will pick xyz over you?” although I was tipsy and could think of a million reasons why someone would pick this “xyz” over me, considering how we’re completely different.

I remained quiet and looked on inquisitively.

He then said what, I have been trying to obviously ignore for a while now, “you will question a guy’s demands, you will question Chika if I ask you to pick up a napkin I just dropped, whereas XYZ would just pick it up, no questions”.

This was undoubtedly the most simple minded, yet informational advice I have ever received about men.

As I write this, a million questions shroud my mind, yet this description seems to wholly answer most of doubts about men I have hopelessly tried to “figure out”.

More to come as my doubts clear themselves.