I enjoy Jazz, cooking, reading about food, watching food shows and trying out new kinds of food. The furthest I’ve gone is with raw squid and fried snails.

I love Jack Daniels and if I’m free flowing on a roof top I love my Blue Moon and Mojitos.

Tom Waits may be my undiscovered idol.

I adore Zooey Deschanel, Regina Spektor, The Black Keys and Gogol Bordello.

Palahniuk, Murakami, Dostoyevsky and Kafka are my discovered idols.

I write poetry but seldom for more than solitary pleasure.

I speak 3 languages fluently and 2 at amateur level.

I believe that that the purpose of life may be more fulfilled if we acknowledge the metaphysical.

I ask questions and often differ from the norm of my very own

My family means the world to me. I write she before he.

I want to teach and travel.

I’m a prospective PhD scholar.

I love bows and everything classic, the 40’s may have been my era.

My baby sister rocks and I hope you enjoy my writing ❤


One comment on “About

  1. Shivika says:

    This is like ‘Chaynika packed up in a cute little tiffany’s box wrapped up in a snazzy 40’s themed polka dotted wrapping paper with a golden glitter bow on it’. Yes, that is exactly what reading this felt like, and you nailed it in line 14, she happens to think you’re quite the blogging goddess ❤

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