Baby let it go

We’ve all had some unpleasant experiences in our lives, some worse than others. Here I’m talking about the latter, the more painful experiences (mostly involving loved ones).

When you look back at a bad experience, how easy is it to deal with all the emotions that surface?

We’re always told, ‘let it go’, ‘forget it’, ‘don’t think about it’  but does that really work?

Can we really ever forget something, that at some point may have caused devastating pain and anguish?

I’ve always found it very difficult to not think about a painful experience from the past, not that I actively dwell on it..but when thoughts of a sad memory surface, I find it difficult to just ‘let it go’.

I have come to terms with (rationalized) a lot of pain that may have been caused in the past but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten it altogether or that those memories don’t still put me down.

Can we ever really forget someone? can we ever really forgive someone? Can we ever really let go of  hurt and anger?




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