We’re not having a conversation, we’re playing poker

For the longest time, I have realized that it is increasingly difficult to have a simple conversation with someone new. We’re all in such a rush to judge, comment, publicize and portray that a conversation no longer remains free flowing and light hearted. Its not about what you like, its about how “cool” what you like is, how “unique or unheard of ” your tastes are. We don’t care what you have to say, we only care to show you that we know something you don’t.

We listen carefully not because we’re truly interested in hearing about your experiences (both routine and exciting) but because we want to prepare a check mate or ‘I’ll raise you by 20’ response for your story.

We care not about doling out meaningful advice in your time of need, but to bluff with our ‘oh-so-perfectly-society’ thoughts about how you oughta be. We know you know that we’ve fumbled and faltered at the very decisions we advise you to take with such nonchalant expertise. You can catch us bluffing, we may take a swig of our drink, a bite of our bread or a smoke of our cigarette. Its not a conversation, its a game. Come prepared, because if you really want to just let go and play without the rules, you my friend will be ejected, rejected and sure as hell dejected.

We don’t want to end casual meetings with hugs and goodbyes, we want theme songs and explosions in the background.

Every conversation becomes a war of words, a battle of knowledge on the false fields of pretense and insecurity.

It really doesn’t seem like we engage in conversations anymore, we use words instead of chips to play poker with your thoughts and raise you bets on all your insecurities.


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