Blanket personality or a warm embrace?

Women are often mocked (and sometimes for good enough reason so) by popular media, friends and foes for taking on entirely too many qualities of their beloved partners. We call it a ‘blanket personality’ and I daresay I am guilty of having said this about some of my girlfriends, one too many times.

The fact that I finally wrote my first blog post yesterday, got me thinking about this term. I am currently not in a relationship and definitely not en route to one, but there is something about the pure rush of having someone interesting interested in me, that makes me overcome fears or inhibitions that I have held for a long time.

I can easily count what every one of my relationships (the celebrated and even not-so-celebrated ones) have helped me overcome or attain. Let me jot down things I have done fueled by the flutters of my butterflies:

  • Overcame the inhibition of holding a post of authority and leadership
  • Rode a bike (that was far to big for me!!) on a heavy traffic road for almost 7 miles
  • Joined a poetry club and recited my own work
  • Expressing my opinions without fear of judgment (especially on topics pertaining to religion, philosophy, faith and love)
  • Publishing a blog 🙂

I think that taking on qualities of another person or tastes of another person may be in poor taste if we’re doing that JUST to prove a point or to seem more like-able (pretty cool if they actually have kickass taste and you get to build up your own), but to channel the positive energy of feeling wanted, loved, liked to overcome inhibitions and fears may actually not be so bad! By overcoming certain inhibitions, I have kept these new found personality traits long after the men in question have exited my life.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that there may be a thin line between being a blanket personality and taking on new traits as a warm embrace by someone who touched your life (at least in this one way) for the better. May be this is why I find the beginning, the uncertainty, the mystery, to be the most interesting part of any relationship. It ends up making me a little more fearless, one flutter at a time.




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